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Better visibility across all your promotions

Effortlessly manage all aspects of your promotions’ training, including schedules, resources, and accompany your students on their path to excellence with Hinfact Training.

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Our advantages

Hinfact Training, a solution designed for you

Manage your training schedules more efficiently


Manage your training schedules more efficiently

Easily view and manage training schedules for all your students.

Related features you’ll appreciate

Trainee and trainer schedule dashboards

Quickly view the training schedules of all your trainees and trainers on your dashboards.

Resource monitoring dashboards

Design training schedules more easily by accessing automatic resource monitoring on your dashboards: availability of simulation resources, aircrafts and instructors.


Track and analyse your students' skills

Access all the data for all training sessions, analyse and follow-up their progression all along the training program.

Related features you’ll appreciate

Unlimited and customisable analytical dashboards

Utilise, create, and customise your dashboards so you can monitor all aspects of training. Take full control over the data as you set your own visualisation and filter parameters.

Flight trend detection

Hinfact Training collects and analyses all simulator flight data to detect common trends and errors in training operations. You can then tailor training courses based on objective data.

Grading data analysis

Access detailed tracking of each student’s skills, by session and by exercise.

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Enjoy greater visibility over your promotions’ training

Bonus features

Hinfact Training also means...

Support during the transition

We conduct a comprehensive and intensive onboarding process spanning several months and import your existing content into Hinfact Training, regardless of the format.

An open API for compatibility with other systems

Simply connect to all the software you already use in your training. Hinfact adapts to you.

A scalable, co-developed solution

We are constantly improving our solution in line with user feedbacks and expectations, and we continuously develop new features with the support of industry experts.

Technical support
Responsive technical support

Our technical support, located in France, is available 24/7 to promptly address your questions.

Training to help you get started

We provide training for getting to grips with the tool as soon as you subscribe to Hinfact Training. After six months of use, we provide additional, more advanced training to help you further explore our tool

A configurable and flexible tool

Hinfact Training is 100% customisable: colours, field names, data format, etc. Make the changes yourself, or we can do it for you in just a few minutes.



Plug-and-play access to the Airbus Training standard

Harness the excellence of training programs designed by the industry’s top experts when training your pilots, in the knowledge that you are always in compliance with the current regulations.


A quick, 3-step installation

1. Contact us for a demo

Discover all the features of Hinfact Training and we will provide a quote at the end of our demo.

Ask for a demo
2. Deployment and staff training

We configure your account and application on a secure cloud or on your servers within a week. We take care of training your managers and trainers to use the application.

3. Enjoy!

Hinfact training is installed. Congratulations, you’re good to go!

Use cases

These flight schools use Hinfact Training

Discover how our clients transitioned to CBTA with Hinfact Training.

In a landscape where regulatory compliance intersects with the need for practical training advancements, Corsair’s partnership with Hinfact stands as a testament to innovation in aviation training.


Discover our pricing

Discover our two packs and choose the one that best suits your training needs.



Annual subscription

All the features you need to digitise training, collect data, and transition to CBTA and EBT.

  • Standard features
  • Tablet application
  • Easy to use


Annual subscription

In addition, take advantage of objective data collection from the simulator, and sensors technology.

  • Core features
  • Simulator connection
  • Hinfact Vision sensor

Explore the solution

Explore Hinfact Training’s other features

Discover everything else you can do with Hinfact Training

Hinfact Plus

Go even further with Hinfact Plus

For the first time, you can access all the technical and non-technical objective data from your flight sessions.

Hinfact Plus


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