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The Hinfact lab: innovation to serve training and operations

Because innovation is in Hinfact Training’s DNA, we’re constantly working to develop new products and features designed with you in mind.

Building features together

We co-design our features using feedback from our users, to create the most pertinent solution possible.

Shaping the future of training

We’re passionate about complex man-machine interfaces. That’s why we provide the very best in technological innovation for aviation training.

Shaping the future of training

We are always striving to improve our solution and constantly innovating to bring you the best of our technology.

Research & Development

Our main fields of development

New feature

Adaptive Learning AI

The new « Adaptive Learning AI » feature in Hinfact’s training software will automatically create and suggest personalised training content for both organisations and individuals.


It leverages performance data for maximum efficiency, while ensuring all training meets each client’s specific regulations and requirements.

Adaptive learning AI

New feature

Hinfact Safety & Operations

In addition to training data, Hinfact Safety & Operations is the first new generation SMS (Safety Management System) that combines and consolidates flight operations data (“Normal Operations”) and training data (“Abnormal Operations”).


Implement a Risk Management System that allows you to highlight risks that are not visible today and monitor and mitigate them dynamically and systematically with ease.

Safety & Operations

New feature

Adaptive Learning AI for all professions

Broadens the application of Hinfact’s adaptive learning technology to cover all high-intensity professions.


Whether it be air traffic controllers managing complex airspace, nuclear plant operators ensuring safe and efficient plant operations, or military personnel in the army or navy dealing with high-stress situations, this feature provides tailored, efficient, and compliant training.


By extending its capabilities to such a wide range of professions, Hinfact restates its commitment to advancing skills development and promoting safety in all high-demand sectors.


New Product

Hinfact Sense

A certified human sensor aimed at elevating flight safety.


This non-intrusive sensor works seamlessly to identify signs of fatigue and asses the person’s overall state, providing vital insights to flight safety officers.


Not only does it enhance operational safety, but it also helps maintain pilots’ peak performance levels, ultimately supporting their well-being and effectiveness in the demanding field of aviation.


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