The next generation
all-in-one Training Management System

Take your training to a new level with Hinfact Training. Easily create and manage courses that comply with regulations and your guidelines. Simplify your instructors’ reporting and optimize your courses. Maximize the use of all available data in your organization to create effective training programs for ab initio, type rating, and recurrent training.


Over 25 training centers and flight schools already use Hinfact Training

Dassault Aviation
Mermoz Academy
Air Tahiti

Hinfact Training

Discover everything you can do with Hinfact Training

Discover all our solution’s easy-to-use features, and access cutting-edge training technology.

Flight Schools

Course design & compliance

Quickly design training courses that comply with regulations and your own guidelines and requirements.

Design and compliance

Instructor Support

Save work and time for instructors during their session and their debriefing.

Data analysis

Data analysis

Collect and analyse objective data and monitor the evolution of your training performance.

Time management

Training management

Save time spent managing courses, schedules, resources and qualifications.



Plug-and-play access to the Airbus Training standard

Harness the excellence of training programs designed by the industry’s top experts when training your pilots, in the knowledge that you are always in compliance with the current regulations.

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Hinfact Training

Discover everything you can do with Hinfact Training



Easily transition from Legacy Training to CBTA and EBT, and standardise training across your company.

Training centers

Training centers

Manage the training in your centers efficiently and provide your clients with an innovative technological solution.

Flight Schools

Flight Schools

Manage your classroom training more efficiently and accompany your students on their path to excellence.

Hinfact Plus

Go even further with Hinfact Plus

For the first time, you can access all the technical and non-technical objective data from your flight sessions.

Hinfact Plus

Upgrade your training system now

Use cases

They use Hinfact Training

And they recommend us.

In a landscape where regulatory compliance intersects with the need for practical training advancements, Corsair’s partnership with Hinfact stands as a testament to innovation in aviation training.

Research & Development

Discover all our upcoming features

Because innovation is at the heart of Hinfact, we are constantly striving to develop new features with you in mind.

Research and development


They recommend Hinfact Training

What about you?


Discover our pricing

Discover our two packs and choose the one that best suits your training needs.



Annual subscription

All the features you need to digitise training, collect data, and transition to CBTA and EBT.

  • Standard features
  • Tablet application
  • Easy to use


Annual subscription

In addition, take advantage of objective data collection from the simulator, and sensors technology.

  • Core features
  • Simulator connection
  • Hinfact Vision sensor

About us

Meet the Hinfact team

Hinfact Training is the first solution combining human factors and flight data analysis. 

Created by Hinfact, a company that is part of the aeronautical ecosystem and used by Airbus, Dassault, and ENAC, we are inventing the tools that will train the pilots of the future.


Any questions?

Is the application usable without a connection ?

We have developed the “Off-Line” mode which allows the use of the application in simulators or even during control flights. The recorded data are downloaded to the Hinfact Training Manager when the connections are resumed. All the instructor has to do is to initiate the session while connected: choose the session, the flight, the trainee’s registration, etc…

For course and session creators, getting to grips with the application requires 2 days’ training, enabling them to create the rules to be complied with (regulations, operational instructions, etc.), as well as to create the courses themselves and check that they are compliant.

As far as the instructors are concerned, 3 hours are enough to pilot the application during the simulator sessions, manage the debriefing based on the data collected and generate the grading at the end of the session.

Finally, for the data part, which enables the manager to analyse the results and steer the training of the crews, is provided after 2 or 3 months of operation, which allows data to be recovered, and takes 1 day.

Yes, a team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deal with any operational problems that may arise.

We offer a complete solution that enables all types of crew training to be carried out, whether based on CBTA and EBT or not, while complying with the expected regulatory compliance.  Instructors can then play out the simulator sessions or check flights on Hinfact Training, noting the pilots’ performances, and all the data is sent back for analysis, monitoring and processing to close the continuous improvement loop in training quality. 

Hinfact Training is the only tool available on the market that enables all these constraints to be processed in an integrated, dynamic way: a modification to a rule or a course can be used immediately by the instructors on the application, without the need for deployment.


Hinfact Training is the perfect integrated solution, as it enables courses and sessions to be created in full compliance with EBT regulations, and the programme to be presented to the Supervisory Authorities for validation. Instructors can then monitor pilot behaviour and present clear indicators of training progress within the company during the « Mixed EBT » period, before final validation.

We commit to over 99.8% availability, and 99% including scheduled maintenance. Maximum Allowable Data Loss and Maximum Allowable Downtime are 12 hours and 4 hours respectively.

Yes, we offer the possibility of testing the solution. We provide you with a demonstration environment, content, exercises and pre-loaded sessions. You can discover, test and explore the tool at your convenience.


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