Corsair’s transition to Mixed-EBT with Hinfact Training

In a landscape where regulatory compliance intersects with the need for practical training advancements, Corsair’s partnership with Hinfact stands as a testament to innovation in aviation training. This case study delves into how Corsair and Hinfact effectively navigated the complexities of EASA’s Mixed-EBT implementation to achieve a significant shift in their pilot and trainer development.

The situation

Identifying and overcoming Corsair's challenges

Antony Zéau, Captain on the Airbus A330 and head of training at Corsair is responsible for the EBT implementation within the airline. They faced several pressing challenges before their collaboration with Hinfact. They needed to bridge the gap between EASA’s theoretical frameworks and practical applications for their pilots and trainers. Implementing mixed EBT programs that could accommodate continuous change was essential. Furthermore, there was a critical need to digitize operations and secure reliable data collection processes. Lastly, engaging and earning the commitment of instructors to these new approaches was crucial for successful transformation and integration. In short : 


  • Facilitate EASA theoretical to practical transition for pilot and trainers applications
  • Implement Mixed EBT programs with continuous change management
  • Digitize and gather reliable data
  • Involve and commit instructors



“Moving from a theoretical text and reading between the lines to build an actionable roadmap was a real challenge for our teams.”
Antony Zéau
Head of Training at Corsair

The problem

Innovative training needs tailored solutions.

Corsair’s team was in need of in-depth technical and functional support in order to implement tailored features and solutions. Through continuous and fruitful exchanges with their head of training and deputy head of training, we took the time to understand their needs and to assist in presenting our solution to their teams. Our goal? To tailor our approach as much as possible to their specific challenges and ensure a smooth transition for the instructors.


  • Off-the-shelf Cloud Deployment and Product configuration
  • Dedicated Product Engineer supporting Head of Training
  • Technical and Functional Support during discussions with authorities
  • Instructors training & onboarding by Hinfact team
"During a recurrent training session in the simulator, I discovered the application for the first time and, during this session I conducted an evaluation using the tablet without ever having used it before.I thought to myself, this is easy, easy to use, it’s intuitive."
Antony Zéau
Head of Training at Corsair
Analysing data

The solution

Strategic features serving Corsair’s excellence

When it comes to mixed-EBT implementation, specific key features are crucial for airline trainers and managers to perform at their best. Some of these features have been part of Hinfact Training since the beginning, while others were developed specifically to meet the expectations of Corsair as well as other clients. Our aim was to adapt to the unique requirements of Corsair and their vision for training.


  • Training Design & compliance monitoring
  • Enhanced and dynamic communication between managers and instructors through the App
  • Adaptive training
  • Instructor tool following ORCA methodology
  • Flexible Analytics and data visualisation
  • Concordance & IRR (Inter-Rater Reliability) Dashboards
  • Insights and KPIs from training to flight safety department
  • Line checks and all training Usage
"With some other providers, it's very complicated to modify training sessions. Hinfact's solutions for our managers really blew us away."
Antony Zéau
Head of Training at Corsair
Cutting-edge technology for your simulators

The benefits

A real success : EASA compliance and user satisfaction

The implementation of Hinfact training at Corsair has been successful. The early integration of EASA (Precisely French authority DGAC) into the process has quickly dispelled any potential doubts from regulatory authorities. Corsair’s managers are particularly pleased with their training session management and data analysis tool. The integration of Hinfact training and mixed-EBT at Corsair has profoundly transformed the way they conduct their debriefing towards a vision centered around facilitation.


  • New safety KPIs from training reinforcing safety risk analysis.
  • Full autonomy over the management space, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Improved Training Quality.
  • Significant time/cost savings in course design.
"Hinfact is a guarantee of success for an airline in its transition to EBT. I’ve been in aviation training for 20 years and i wish i had this tool earlier."
Antony Zéau
Head of Training at Corsair
adoption of 2023’s new features by instructors
Less than 3 months
for EASA approval
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