Our vision

A unified Human Factor Approach

Hinfact’s vision aims at building a unified Human Factor approach for the Aviation Industry.

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System complexity in aVIATION

The constant need for safer systems has led the evolution towards more complex systems, particularly in aviation, nowadays one of the safest way to travel. Navigating, planning, communicating, among other piloting tasks… are now highly automated.
However, this high automation has created a new kind of accidents and incident. Systems are becoming more and more complex, and pilots have a hard time understanding all systems behavior.

Need for a unified approach…

Each field of activity in the Aviation Industry is concerned by the following issue: From Design and Certification to Flight Operation including Pilot Training, there is a need of objectifying pilots performances and behaviors. Moreover, a Unified Approach of Human Factors would be a strong lever for Flight Safety improvement.

At Hinfact, we believe that the Aviation Industry requires an intelligence and methods sharing between these 3 fields of activity. Our vision is to offer innovative tools that enables this common strategy towards shared competencies and expertise.

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… Around Human Factor objectiFication

Keeping human in the loop is one of the main challenges of this common approach. Human factors insights have become necessary in training, design and operations This is why Hinfact has focused on objectifying such studies, through a unique software suite, relying on analysis of contextualized physiological data. This suite is involved in a training usage such as a support for design and certification. This suite relies on a strong Human Factors expertise, on Observable Behaviors, related to CBT and EBT paradigms, and on expertise sharing between all stakeholders.

Use Cases

This vision is today declined into two identified use cases

Training Use Case

Full Suite to support Evidence-Based Training (EBT):
  • Smart assistant for instructors during and after training sessions into any simulator
  • Feedback tool for pilots to improve their competencies
  • Powerful tool for training managers to analyze training data and communicate their vision of performance standards

Design Use Case

Cutting-edge tool to objectify Human Factors:
  • State-of-the-art metrics of neuroergonomics and Human Factors to better understand pilots behaviours
  • Analytics tool allowing massive research campaign
  • Automated analysis of mental state and performance deviations

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