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Hinsight Training, the end-to-end solution to objectify training sessions and to improve performances of pilots, instructors and training managers.

Groupe 364

Tablet app combining eye-tracking
and flight simulator’s data to support instructors


Real-time follow-up

Automatic monitoring of procedures completion and good flight practices and flight path management (including call-outs)

Visual scanpath monitoring

Checks and verification from both Pilot Monitoring and Pilot Flying

Session Preparation

Prepare your training session and exercises in the app

Debriefing support

Summary of session performances, replay of specific moments, and static analysis of visual scanpath


Integration of grading based on EBT and Mixed-EBT standards with competencies approach

Groupe 365

The software to drive and analyze all the training sessions
in order to optimize and adapt training programs

CREATOR – Rules management system to define the standards to push into the HinSight App

  • Sessions and exercises management
  • Creation of good practices rules (piloting and monitoring skills)
  • Procedures creation and adaptations

ANALYTICS – Fully adaptable analytics tool

  • Multiple dashboards creation and sharing
  • Analytics of all events
  • Monitoring of pilots performances and instructors grading

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A full suite that brings value to all training stakeholders and pilots


Discover and improve the unconscient part of you:
  • Autonomous feedback and replay of training sessions
  • Objective insights of monitoring performances
  • Objective debriefing accessible from anywhere at anytime
Groupe 364


Focus on what matters during and after the training session:
  • Lower the workload during training sessions in the simulator thanks to digitalization
  • All mistakes (considered as important by head of instruction) automatically detected and reported automatically to the instructor
  • Procedures automatic follow-up
Groupe 364

Head of training

Objectify, interprete, and centralize your training data in a secured way:
  • Standardize events detection and appreciation of instructors
  • Systematic and simplified analysis of training data
  • Your best support for EBT standard implementation
Groupe 365

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